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Vertigo Pendant Lamp

Simig Lighting
With the shape of lady hat, Vertigo Pendant Lamp expresses French fashion and romance. Made of glass fibers and polyurethane body and metal ceiling plate. Available in six dimensions and four finishes. Please notice: The material is not metal. It adopts the same design as the original.
Pendant Lamps

Gubi Multi-lite Pendant Light

Simig Lighting
Featuring variable shapes, the Multi-Lite pendant lamp is one of the most outstanding Danish designs, outlining the beauty of geometric gifures. Made of metal, it has two rotatable opposing shades to create various models. Available in one size and seven finishes.
Pendant Lamps

IC Lights Pendant Light

Simig Lighting
Like the other models in IC Light Series, IC Lights pendant light combines designer’s love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and three color finishes.
Pendant Lamps

Scandinavian Pendant Light

Simig Lighting
Scandinavian Pendant Light is the classic Nordic pendant light. Composed by the wooden top and aluminum lampshade, the design is simple, but each arc is created by the designer carefully, so this pendant lamp has never been out-dated.
Pendant Lamps

AJAX Raw Industrial Touch Pendant Lamp

Simig Lighting
AJAX Raw Industrial Touch Pendant Lamp is influenced by track laights. The lampshade is full of industrial style but stylish. It has four round LED light sources, which is very practical and can provide a wide lighting.
Pendant Lamps

SIMIG Dome Pendant Light

Simig Lighting
Simig Dome Pendant Light has a overall black finish with chains, which creates a retro industrial style. But its clever design at the top adds a modern, making it ideal for a modern concise indoor decoration.
Pendant Lamps

Grille Pendant Lamp

Simig Lighting
This industrial Grille Pendant Lamp combines the fashionable caged lampshade with the traditional industrial lampshade. The whole pendant light is black, which highlights the beauty of the light bulb. Suitable for cafes, bars and restaurants.
Pendant Lamps

SIMIG Geometric Woody Pendant Lamp

Simig Lighting
Simig Geometric Woody Pendant Lamp features a triangular wooden lampshade, which is more like a fun toy, since the shape can be different if you look it from different directions. Available in three sizes.

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