The French Romantic Candle Chandelier is full of the elegance of classical culture and the Renaissance poetry. It uses lines to modernize its design. With warm light, it will be a charming chandelier for living rooms.
Minimalist Line Ball Chandelier is a homely molecular light. The woody textures adds a natural sense. It features the rotatable lamp arms which allow it to change the shape. Available in two wooden colors.

Birdy LED Chandelier

With lifelike birds, Birdy LED Chandelier makes you home full of nature, which recreates the scene of birds perching on a branch. The circular branch is decorated with ring LED light source, showing an elegance.
GRAND Wooden Chandelier is an innovation of molecular lights. The wooden body gives it a grand visual effect. It is suitable for collocating with other wooden furniture and using in the dark-toned interior.

Raindrop Chandelier

The new romantic Raindrop Chandelier must be a popular style among molecular lights. The wafers and balls complement each other, creating a beautiful feast of cherry blossom. It will fill your home with an intoxicating feel.

AIR Chandelier

AIR Chandelier is an elegant molecular light, which features the uneven lampshade in gradient colors. A variety of sizes and color combinations contributes to its easy-matching ability. It is a perfect chandelier for living rooms.
LUXURY Glass Ball Chandelier is a new luxurious molecular light. Without the complex design, it embodies minimalist and industrialism. The golden lamp body brings endless elegance.  With opal balls, it is a beautiful chandelier.
Full of fashion, Post-modern PETAL Chandelier creates a beautiful and lifelike scene of falling petals in your home. This graceful charm will make you never forget and feel joyful. It is perfect for living rooms, which can catch people's attention.

RIBBON LED Chandelier

The gorgeous RIBBON LED Chandelier reveals the charm of post-modern art. It is composed by a winding LED strip which is available in black or gold finish. This round LED chandelier will bring the timeless fashion in any space.

HEART Chandelier

The romantic HEART Chandelier exudes sweetness, making the room full of love. It seems like many fireflies flying in the air, which is a beautiful scene. It is perfect for hanging in the living room, entrance or bedroom.

GIRT Ball Chandelier

The elegant and beautiful GIRT Ball Chandelier uses the trendy elements to create a combination of curves and balls. This horizontal chandelier is ideal for hanging above a long dining table, adding fun to the dinning.
As a minimalist molecular light, DOUBLE Ball Chandelier directly shows the beauty of balls, which features an ingenious double lampshade. The long shape makes it suitable for collocating with long tables. Available in two finishes.
The creative Gradual Ball Chandelier uses the gradient elements to create a generous and charming molecular light. This easy-matching chandelier with its own characteristics, can be a center in any environment.

GALAXY Chandelier

GALAXY Chandelier takes you into the mysterious the universe, so you can enjoy fun at home. This molecular light makes you see the galaxy that is so far from you. It can give off elegance and romance in any space.
This romantic Starry Ball Chandelier features the glittering glass balls, which is a stunning and beautiful molecular light. It will create a starry sky in your house, bringing warmth and making you joyful. Available in two sizes.
The fantasy VERTICAL Ball Chandelier is the synonym to your personality, which can show your unique style. It can be shaped to collocate with other furniture easily due to its adjustable sticks. Various shapes can match any decoration.

ROOT Ball Chandelier

ROOT Ball Chandelier is an interesting pendant light, which has a gorgeous visual effect. It will bring you different feels from different angles. It is composed by irregular roots attached by small balls. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

PRISM Chandelier

The mild-luxurious PRISM Chandelier brings the royal elegancy, which is not flashy but fashionable. Refracted by the crystal lampshade, the light is well distributed in the air, creating an elegant atmosphere. Available in four sizes.
DISC Marble Chandelier is ideal for creating serene atmosphere, since it is the embodiment of the charming quietness. Combined with the elegant marble, it is a luxurious chandelier. Available in two sizes, it is composed by round elements.
The beautiful Crown Crystal Chandelier has a creative crown shape, which attracts the the ladies. The crystals brighten up it, making it a stunning molecular light. Full of elegancy and sweetness, it is available in two sizes.
Using geometric elements, Magical Bean Ball Chandelier is a beautiful industrial pendant light that is full of  the medieval royal elegancy. Mimicking the shape of a candlestick, it is available in  black or gold finish, which is easy-matching.
As a post-modern chandelier, Geometrical Ball Chandelier combines geometry and ball with the characteristics of simplicity and personality. It is available in the shape of star or triangle in golden finish, which is cute.
The Nordic Branch Chandelier is an artistic molecular chandelier which comes with curved linear body and spherical lampshades. The design of layers makes this chandelier extraordinarily stunning. Available in two finishes.

Creative Chandelier

Creative Chandelier is a modern elegant chandelier, which is composed by glass balls and wafers. With the golden body, it is an embodiment of the beauty of circle. Available in four sizes and two color combinations.
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