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The French Romantic Candle Chandelier is full of the elegance of classical culture and the Renaissance poetry. It uses lines to modernize its design. With warm light, it will be a charming chandelier for living rooms.

RIBBON LED Chandelier

The gorgeous RIBBON LED Chandelier reveals the charm of post-modern art. It is composed by a winding LED strip which is available in black or gold finish. This round LED chandelier will bring the timeless fashion in any space.
As a minimalist molecular light, DOUBLE Ball Chandelier directly shows the beauty of balls, which features an ingenious double lampshade. The long shape makes it suitable for collocating with long tables. Available in two finishes.
The creative Gradual Ball Chandelier uses the gradient elements to create a generous and charming molecular light. This easy-matching chandelier with its own characteristics, can be a center in any environment.

ROOT Ball Chandelier

ROOT Ball Chandelier is an interesting pendant light, which has a gorgeous visual effect. It will bring you different feels from different angles. It is composed by irregular roots attached by small balls. Available in two sizes and two finishes.
The Nordic Branch Chandelier is an artistic molecular chandelier which comes with curved linear body and spherical lampshades. The design of layers makes this chandelier extraordinarily stunning. Available in two finishes.

Heracleum Chandelier

Characterized by small wafers, LED Heracleum Chandelier is a blooming flower-like shape. When it is illumilated, it looks like many fireflies dancing around, which must be the brightest design in the whole space.

Flamingo Chandelier

Combined with the trendy element, Flamingo Chandelier shows a live look of the slender body of the Flamingo. With LED-chip, several white lampshades are hung with thin wires, making it look as if hanging in the air.
As a classic molecular light, LUXUS Contemporary Chandelier features gorgeous glass lampshades and rotatable rods which allow various look. It will definitely shine your living and dinning room. Made of metal and glass. Available in five sizes and various finishes.

AURA Contemporary Chandelier

The AURA Contemporary Chandelier is a linear chandelier which comes with tubular glass lampshades and metal rods. Free and irregular arrangement forms a molecular structure. Available in three different sizes.

Starry Bouquet Chandelier

The romantic Starry bouquet chandelier is a light fixture of sky full of stars, which stands for the beauty and the everlasting love. This crystal chandelier will shine any room and impress people. Available in two sizes and three color finishes.
Shiny Hand-Made Stainless Steel Leaf Chandelier makes your mood good. When hung in the air, it brings dots of stars, like sparkling pearls in the sky. Available in five sizes and two colors.

Modern dandelion Crystal Chandelier

The glittering Modern dandelion Crystal Chandelier is unique and elaborate, which is like a cluster of fireworks in full bloom. Made of metal and crystal. Available in five sizes and two finishes.

2097 Chandelier

Since 1958, this iconic 2097 chandelier has served as an ultra-modern representation of the traditional mid-century chandelier. It is a classic but trendy chandelier. Available in three different sizes and three color finishes.

STRIP Ball Chandelier

STRIP Ball Chandelier brings elegancy to your dining area. The collision of angular body and round balls produces a unique visual effect. Full of layered sense, this elegant chandelier is ideal for hanging over the dining table.
Pendant Lamps

SIMIG Cage Pendant Light

SIMIG Cage Pendant Light will definitely give your house a new amazing look. The simple lines give this diamond-shaped pendant light a modern sense. Available in four sizes and two finishes.
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