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The palace-style Minimalism Cage Pendant Light is a candlestick chandelier which always exude an elegance and a low-key luxury. It exposes the light source without lampshade, and the flame of the candles will never go out.
Pendant Lamps

Méduse Pendant Light

Méduse Light is really a fun toy more than a pendant lamp. The innovative design idea makes it stunning and never be out-dated. Inspired by blinds, this pendant light can also be open and closed.
Japanese Wabi-sabi Rattan Pendant Light brings you a serene atmosphere, letting you enjoy an elegant and natural beauty. The hand-woven rattans show the organic and geometrical aesthetic.
Pendant Lamps

Street Bar Pendant Light

Vintage Street Bar Pendant Light is a rustic style, bringing an intoxicated comfortable feeling.The simple finish allows it to decorate the kitchen and perfect for creating an old-fashioned atmosphere in restaurants and coffee shops.
Pendant Lamps

Vertigo Nova Pendant

Vertigo Nova Pendant is a popular modern pendant light, which is a work of art more than a light fixture. With the shape of duckweed, it creates a breakthrough based on Vertigo Lamp by using a hidden LED light source.
COBWEB Conical Pendant Light is a great decoration for a large space, which can not only create a post-modern art painting but also provide a precise light source. With the conical lampshade, it is available in black.
COFFEE Glass Pendant Light combines the Eastearn and Western civilizations, incorporating the coffee culture into Chinese ink paintings, which is both elegant and retro. It's a unique glass pendant lamp.
Pendant Lamps

ART Cage Pendant Light

The unique ART Cage Pendant Light can add a beauty to a dull life. The typical industrial top strengthens its elegance. Three color combination will bring different styles and decorate your home into various atmospheres.
Industrial civilization can always bring people surprise, like this simple creative industrial Greenhouse Cage Pendant Light. The black metal strips outline a chic cage lampshade. With a Edison bulb, it will exude vintage sense.
The stylish and simple Stripe Cage Pendant Light uses symmetrical aesthetics to create a bright and durable decoration in any space. It can be used with the Strip Cage Floor Lamp to give a glamorous fashion.
Pendant Lamps

SIMIG Cage Pendant Light

SIMIG Cage Pendant Light will definitely give your house a new amazing look. The simple lines give this diamond-shaped pendant light a modern sense. Available in four sizes and two finishes.
The chic Macaron Cage Pendant Light is cute and elegant industrial pendant light. The macaron finishes and symmetrical geometric lampshade make it enegetic and vivid, which is suitable for both residential and commercial areas.
Pendant Lamps

Alphabet Pendant Light

Alphabet Pendant Light is an interesting and creative pendant lamp. With your ideas, it will be unique. It can be used to show many words, such as your name or company name, which is suitable for both residential and commercial areas.
Pendant Lamps

Birdy Cage Pendant Light

Birdy Cage Pendant Light is a quaint decorative pendant light, which will add more elegant and artistic charm in your house or commercial areas. The mose realistic shape of bird cage makes the bird inside vivid.
Retro Metal Cage Pendant Light is an eye-catching adornment in the commercial venue. The simple Nordic caged lampshade showcases the beauty of arc. With warm light, it fills the air with a warm and romantic atmosphere.
The Modern Cage Pendant Light will shine any room with its clean lines to create a modern fashionable aesthetic. With an Edison bulb, it can create a retro style, which is suitable for dining areas. Available in two finishes.
Pendant Lamps

Mesh Pendant Light

This beautiful Mesh Pendant Light adds a dreamy and romantic atmosphere to the quiet space. When looking up from the bottom, you can see a brilliant visual effect of concentric circles. With warm light, it will bring peacefulness.
This quanit Lantern Wooden Pendant Light will remind you of Chinese culture, which is a new embodiment of modern fashion. It is a combination of the Western geometry and the Eastern lantern.
BOWL Scandinavian Pendant Light gives a slender and soft visual effect due to its fresh colors and wooden top. It is functional and can be used alone or in a row. Available in three sizes and two finishes.
This fun TWIG Wooden Pendant Light hangs small branches with glowing glass balls, like some meteors, forming a gorgeous scenery. It can illuminate the surrounding area, which is ideal for long tables.
Pendant Lamps

HOME Pendant Light

With a minimalist design, HOME Pendant Light is a good choice for creating a warm atmosphere due to its hollow top and bottom, allowing light to spread around. It is perfect for hanging over a round dining table.
Pendant Lamps

NUT Wooden Pendant Light

NUT Wooden Pendant Light is a beautiful modern embellishment due to its stunning colorful painting on the lampshade. It has an interesting shape of nut which showcases a striking silhouette.
This futuristic RING Wooden Pendant Light captures the beautiful moments of the glass ball's movement in the ring. The combination of circular wooden body and glass balls gives a timeless elegance.
Ball Wooden Pendant Light is like the wine that needs time to exert its flavor, so the more you look at it, the more beautiful it is. The wooden texture gives it a quaint flavour, while the design strengthens its modern feel.
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