Wall lamps

Wall lamps

Pebble Wall Lamp

Pebble Wall Lamp not only ornaments your room and life but also gives you a new sense of beauty. This creative cobblestone wall lamp takes you through the world of art. It can be collocated with Pebble table and pendant lamp.
Nordic Hanging Wall Light can change positions freely through fixed points which will effectively provide light. The caged lampshade adds a sense of design, making it more stylish and well blend into the environment.
Artistic Painting LED Wall Light presents a painting with superior technology. With LED light, it seems to be alive and vivid. Even when it is not illuminated, it is an excellent decoration on the wall. Available in five designs.
The MIA Minimalist Wall Light has a very modern design. Combining elements of stylish style, this wall lamp adds a personal touch to any place.
The light and airy Screen Cannage Wall Light reveals the charm of handicraft and natural materials. It features rattan wovens with richful patterns. The black edge adds a modern sense. Available in two sizes.
Eye-catching but not overwhelming, these Frosted Wood Wall Lamp make the perfect low-key addition to your living room or foyer. Crafted from glass and wood, it features three different designs and sizes.
Wall lamps

Dot Wall Lamp

This Dot Wall Lamp emits open and warm light to perfectly improve your interior decoration, and at the same time achieves its retro and design feel. It is very popular with its special appearance design Available in three different color finishes.
Wall lamps

Beat Wall Lamp

With an artistic feel, Beat Wall lamp is a novel industrial wall light. It has a simple black or white finish, which is suitable for a variety of indoor decorations.
Telescopic Rotating Wall Lamp features a controllable lamp arm that can stretch and shrink and a lampshade that can rotate flexibly. Mainly made of aluminium. Available in two sizes in black finish.
Minimalist Line Wall Lamp is a wall lamp with a 'ring' which integrates perfectly into each interior space and embellishes it uniquely. It is mainly made of iron, which contributes to its modern high-level sense. Available in two different sizes and finishes.
Modern Circle LED Wall Lamp depicts a unique mural with personal ideas, which will be an unique art painting. The empty wall will be charming.Discarding the cumbersome design, it is composed by circles in black, white or grey finish.
Wall lamps

Wooden Wall Lamp

Composed by a wooden body and cream white lampshade, Wooden Wall Lamp is Japanese style. The combination of wood and cloth will make you feel relax when the lamp is illuminiated. Available in two finishes.
Industrial Concise Black Wall Lamp features freely adjustable arms, making this wall lamp extremely functional. Conical lampshade gathers light source, which makes it as a good reading or bedside light. Available in two sizes and two finishes.
Wall lamps

Club wall lamp

Attributed to golden connections, Club wall lamp adds a touch of fun to this black industrial wall lamp, which makes it simple and stylish while at the same time having a noble and elegant sense. Perfect for modern indoor decorations.
Wall lamps

Perch Wall Lamp

Vivid and fun LED Perch Wall Lamp decorates your wall and brings your home to life. With superb LED technology, you can't see a trace of light fixture. It is a real adornment. Available in two sizes.
Full of Middle Eastern style-Candlestick Crystal Wall Light features a shape of traditional candlestick and is decorated with crystals, which looks like a royal ornament. Each exquisite detail reveals an exotic flavor. Available in two sizes.
Wall lamps

265 Wall Lamp

With an extra-long lamp arm, 265 Wall Lamp makes the large space compact and will attract attention. Attributed to the simple black or white tone without any extra design, this wall lamp is large but relaxing, which is a good modern minimalist wall lamp.
Wall lamps

Game Wall Lamp

Game Wall Lamp has a similar look of the traditional gramophone, but with a modern fashion. It's a combination of retro and simplicity. The freely retractable lamp arm greatly enhances its functionality. Available in two sizes and two finishes.
Lampe Gras Wall / Ceiling light series is very practical which focusses on the usage without losing the sense of design. This series has a variety of designs with kinds of color schemes. It is suitable for bothe public places and residential areas.
Wall lamps

AJ Wall Lamp

The replica of the Arne Jacobsen AJ wall light creates a direct and adjustable light, making it ideal for precise and controlled lighting.
As a small and delicate ornament, Novel Humanoid Wall Light has human-like shape, and the ball bulb just forms the head. Available in six different designs and two color finishes.
Wall lamps

Linear LED Wall/ Ceiling Lamp

Linear LED Wall/Ceiling Lamp has a long and a short wall light, which allows you to play freely. When they are installed on the wall, it can be artistic like a loose but elegant painting. Available in simple black finish.
As a medieval-style wall light, American Retro Wall Lamp featurs the retro copper tone and a clear crystal lampshade. With warm light, it will create a soft and warm atmosphere. Available in two sizes.
Wall lamps

Serge Mouille Wall Sconce

Serge Mouille-001
The classic Serge Mouille Wall Sconce is famous for its lampshade whose edge has a modified arc, making it look natural like a shell. The rotatable lampshade adds practicality to this stylish wall lamp.
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